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Bhaag Johnny is a Bollywood thriller film directed by Shivam Nair,Earlier, Deepak Tijori was first to direct the film with Indian television actor Karan Singh Grover. Later on, Vikram Bhatt cleared the doubts that Grover and Tijori will not be a part of project instead of this, Kunal Khemu will play leading role.The story starts with a introduction where a concerned mother (Nishigandha Wad) visits an acharya, a learned man, well-versed in astrology, to enquire as to why her son Janardan Arora aka Johnny (Kunal Khemu), who is based in Bangkok, is not in touch with her.The acharya informs her that Johnny is going through a dangerous trying time and that he could try and help Johnny overcome his problems with his knowledge of astrology.Johnny ordered by his boss Ramona Bakshi to murder a stranger named Tanya in Pattaya.

A white haired man with a stick is seen sitting on a chair.he calls himself a genie. He says he has been sent by an astrologer with special powers.Genie offers Johnny 72 hours to live two lives simultaneously. In one life, he kills the girl and sees the consequences. In the other, he saves the girl. At the end of 72 hours, he can decide which life he wants to live.

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Box Office Collection

2.0 Crores - 1st Day Box Office Collection
2.10 Crores - 2nd Day Box Office Collection
1.09 Crores - 3rd Day Box Office Collection
1.0 Crores - 4th Day Box Office Collection

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As for the performances, it is Kunal Khemu who leads the way in the film. The irony of the film is that despite Kunal Khemu not having a double role, he portrays two roles in the film. One cannot take away the fact that he has put in a sincere and an honest performance in the film. There is hardly anything that even he could have done in the film which had a senseless plot. As for the heroines, despite Mandana Karimi ‘playing’ the second lead (or is it parallel lead?), the film sees her in an extended cameo. Whereas the full film is being dominated by the likes of Manasi Scott and Zoa Morani. While Manasi Scott delivers what was expected of her role, Zoa Morani gets stuck with a solo expression in the film throughout. She definitely has miles to go as far as acting is concerned. The most shocking element was the cameo appearance of Vikram Bhatt, whose character of ‘jin’ is so gimmicky that it lands up invoking laughter rather than any kind of mystic feelings. Mukul Dev in the role of a pony tailed ACP is totally wasted. The rest of the actors do no good to the lacklustre film.

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Distressed with the assignment, how he overcomes the task forms the crux of the narration, which is written by filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. While the plot is uniquely layered and the film is interestingly designed, it is the writer’s carelessly adopted formula: “Show only what you want the viewers to see”, that leaves gaping holes in the plotline.

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The Times Of India
“The whole exercise of presenting these twin stories with the same protagonist displaying contrasting behaviour is interesting. However, the motive of the crime itself is too cliched and the chase has zero thrill or suspense. Instead of making you nervous, it makes you go to sleep. To add to the existing woes are songs and lame romantic tracks.”

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“A unique concept does not necessarily make a good film. If you ask me, you’d do well to just let Johnny escape this weekend and find something actually fun to do instead.”

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“A thriller that engages you at first and then starts with its stupid twists. If only, the story was stronger, the film could have been a decent watch. Bhaag Johnny is completely passable. The mediocre content is not worth your time and money.”

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Bhaag Johnny Movie’s Star Cast

kunal khemu



Other Details of The Movie

Directed byShivam Nair
Produced byBhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Vikram Bhatt
Production companySuper Cassettes Industries Limited
BVG Films

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