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Fan Movie Reviews - Shahrukh Khan

Fan Movie Reviews – Shahrukh Khan

Fan is a 2016 Indian thriller film directed by Maneesh Sharma and featuring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role. The film is produced byAditya Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films, and tells the story of an obsessive fan of a star who looks just like the fan.

The Indian Express
Gaurav’s journey to Mumbai to meet Aryan—who grants a ‘darshan’ to hysterical swarms waiting outside his bungalow, just the way the real-life superstar does, in just one of the many meta references littering the film– is both familiar and not-familiar. The in-between spaces are filled with the unexpected, and that’s where the film scores. Stars are also human and fallible, and a victim of both hubris and frailty, and Aryan channels all those emotions.

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Fan is a rather odd admixture of the real and the make-believe. The former works quite well; the latter not so much. In the first half, the fact that Gaurav bears an uncanny likeness to Aryan Khanna does not invite any public gasps of surprise from those who run into him in the street and elsewhere. Neither the guards manning the entrance of Aryan Khanna’s Mumbai bungalow nor the hundreds of other fans milling around the place take any notice of Gaurav.

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Hindustan Times
Gaurav Chanana (also Shah Rukh Khan) is a 25-year-old who runs a cyber cafe in West Delhi’s Inder Vihar. Unusually confident, he’s a pro at mimicking his idol Aryan. A ‘best actor’ trophy in a local competition gives him a new purpose in life: Now he wants to show his trophy to Aryan. Like a true fan, Gaurav traces Aryan’s journey in Mumbai – he stays at the same hotel, travels without a ticket… but when he finally reaches the star’s house, the boy from Delhi is lost in the sea of other fans like him.

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IB Times
The audience says “Fan” has an interesting and unique story and arresting screenplay. The movie is engaging right from the beginning to the end and the second half provides an edge-of-the-seat thriller. The climax is the most exciting part of the movie. Shah Rukh Khan has played a double role and the film is his show all the way. The superstar has probably given his career’s best performance in the movie.

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Times of India
Straight away, no-one does freaky with more flair than Shah Rukh Khan – and Fan proves this. The movie takes you right back to the 1990s when Shah Rukh stormed Bollywood with a stammer, a pout and hooded eyes that looked at the world with hate. Back then, Shah Rukh thrilled with his mix of volatility and vulnerability – in Fan, he does it again.

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