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Guddu Ki Gun Movie Reviews - Kunal Khemu
Guddu Ki Gun Movie Reviews - Kunal Khemu
Guddu Ki Gun Movie Reviews – Kunal Khemu

Movie Story

Guddu (Kunal Kemmu) plays washing powder salesman role. Guddu has a talent to attract the ladies as he woos them and is popular amongst the housewives of Kolkata with whom he is intimately involved. One of the girls who has fallen in love with him he cheats her and is forced to pay a price for his act. Girl curse him. The result of the curse is that his private parts turning into gold. Guddu go after the young woman to take her wish back and get him to ‘normal’ but in order for that to happen, Guddu has to meet the true love of his life. In the meanwhile, the news of his golden gun spreads the city, he is being chased by a reporter who wants his big story and two husbands whose wives Guddu slept with, seeking the gold for money.

Guddu Ki Gun 1st Day Box Office Collection
Rs.25 lakh.

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The best thing about this film is that it unpretentiously and unabashedly stays true to its genre, thriving on double meaning dialogues and cheesy scenes. Guns and puns are used liberally, as if the scriptwriter was instructed to make maximum use of words like ling (a Sanskrit word for the male organ).

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the film is a delightful adult comedy that keeps you in splits by the minute. With moderate production values, the film is shot on actual locales giving the film a realistic feel. Keiko Nakahara’s guerrilla cinematography captures the pulse of Kolkata beautifully. Amar Mohile’s reverberating music and background score is seamlessly layered with the visuals by editor Cheragh Todiwala, thereby enhancing the viewing experience. Overall, Guddu Ki Gun is a worthwhile watch to unwind..

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The Times Of India
The film can give terrible sex comedies a run for their money. Kunal Kemmu tries his best to make this dickfest watchable but it’s outright repulsive. Strangely, not because it revolves around a male organ turning into gold but because the film has no substance or humour whatsoever. Overall, this supposed adult comedy makes you squirm in your seat with its foolishness.

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The film climaxes with a shameless rip-off from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron’s Mahabharata scene done in a Mughal-e-Azam setting, but those who haven’t watched the cult film will love the parody.Bengali actors Payel Sarkar as Kaali and Aparna Sharma as Bholi make credible debuts in Guddu Ki Gun.The film is a must watch for those who love their lingam… erm… lingo, Kunal Khemmu, and, of course, the most endearing Sumit Vyas.

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