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Hero is a romantic action film directed by Nikhil Advani and co-written by Umesh Bist. This movie is the remake of  Subhash Ghai’s directed film Hero(1983). In this Movie Sooraj (Sooraj Pancholi) is a gangster from Mumbai meets daughter of the city’s Chief of Police  Radha (Athiya Shetty).

One day, Sooraj get instruction from his boss Pasha (Aditya Pancholi) to kidnap radha as an police officer, by telling her that he received instructions from the police to take her away from city for some time. Later on he disclose to radha that he is not a police officer and he had kidnapped her. Radha has however fallen in love with Sooraj, and their love story creates problems for Pasha.

Sooraj surrenders himself to the police and is imprisoned for two years. Radha is sent off to Paris for her further studies and with the hope that she will forget Sooraj. Sooraj is granted a leave on parole for his behavioral improvement in the prison and is let off six months before.

Sooraj is granted a leave on parole for his behavioral improvement in the prison.Radha returns from Paris decides to help him become a better person so that she can convince her dad.

11.50 Crores - 1st Day Box Office Collection

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Nikhil Advani’s remake of Ghai’s film, also titled Hero, stays faithful to the original blueprint…but faithful to a fault. Intended as a launch pad to showcase the potential of star-sprogs Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty, the new film is so steeped in 1980s naiveté and old-fashioned melodrama that it fast becomes a slog. This is lazy, indifferent filmmaking, and a colossal bore for most of its running time. A video featuring Salman Khan singing the terrific title track at the end is too little too late. I’m going with two out of five.

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With excellent production values, Nikhil Advani’s film, though technically advanced, is poorly executed in terms of writing. The characters, without much thought given into their background stories, are shallow and underdeveloped. The screenplay is ridiculously flawed and confusing at times. While most of the scenes are superbly dramatic, they unfortunately do not create an emotional impact. Overall, this Hero is below mediocre fare except for the lead pair’s straightforward performances

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Indian Express
This stale story is transported to 2015 for reasons best known to the filmmakers. If you are giving us a brand new pair, what is to stop you from giving us a brand new plot? And if you do have to remake that 80s show, why can’t you do a better job? The end brings relief, with Sallu Bhai working the end credits, exuding more star power in two minutes than we’ve seen in two hours. This ‘Hero’ is a zero.

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Times Of India
Sculpted as a full throttle masala entertainer, Hero is plot-heavy. And while you are well acquainted with the story, Nikhil and Salman’s sensibility works as midas touch, giving the film a different texture. It is slick and never allows its viewers to feel restless. For its 132 minutes’ crisp runtime, Hero offers bucketful of entertainment and victoriously conveys that commercial movies needn’t be puerile to show people a good time.

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Hero Movie’s Star Cast


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Other Details of The Movie

DirectorNikhil Advani
WriterNikhil Advani
Umesh Bist
ProducerSalman Khan
Subhash Ghai
Distributed byEros International
Production companySalman Khan Films


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