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jazbaa-movie reviews aishwarya rai
jazbaa-movie reviews aishwarya rai
Jazbaa Movie Reviews | Aishwarya Rai

Jazbaa is an Indian action-drama film directed by Sanjay Gupta It is a remake of the 2007 South Korean film Seven Days.It is based on a tough criminal lawyer Anuradha Verma ( Aishwarya Rai Bachchan ) who always winning her cases, and taking cases that pay well, even if she is representing a criminal. Her daughter Sanaya is kidnapped from a school race, and Kidnappers told her that if she wants her daughter back, she will have to defend a convicted felon, a rapist and a murderer Miyaaz Shaikh (Chandan Roy Sanyal). They give her warning not to go to the cops because the abductor will be closely watching all her moves. Anuradha’s cop friend Yohan (Irrfan Khan), a suspended policeman, finds out about the abduction and decides to help her. Anuradha has to race against time to save her daughter. She has are four days to save her daughter.

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Often the problem with trying to satisfy multiple agendas is that telling an interesting story becomes secondary to everything else.Yet nothing hurts the senses more than the sepia-soaked yellow-green lighting that gives the film a post-apocalypse videogame-like effect. I’m going with two out of five for Jazbaa. Frankly it delivers more than its awful trailer promised. But good luck protecting your eyes and ears from this sensory overload.

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Overall, Jazbaa feels like a wasted effort, a clear case of superficial style triumphing over substance by a fair distance.But it has just enough for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan fans to justify a trip to the multiplexes. Jazbaa, however, is just as much, if not more, Irrfan Khan’s film.

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Times Of India
Jazbaa’s narrative has pace and power. From screeching car sequences to emotionally-charged showdowns between his accomplished lead cast; the film throbs. Which is not to say that there are no flaws. The green hue overshadows Mumbai’s skyline. Aishwarya is rusty at the start but eventually takes charge of the dual aspects of her character. Once in the groove, her eyes breathe fire.

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Gupta has cut to a generic hip-hop song, a ‘party song’, the kind Irrfan himself satirised so well recently.That says it all, the gulf between the lampooned and the lampooner.earlier, Khan offers a fellow policeman a bribe of the very purest Shilajit, but that might have come in handier for Gupta’s flaccid film. You can give us red eyes in a green film, Mr Gupta, but that doesn’t make it Christmas.

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While the film’s music (Amar Mohile) is not very massy, it is the film’s background music that keeps the film gripped throughout. The film’s editing (Bunty Negi) could have been a bit better in order for the film to look sleeker. The film’s cinematography (Sameer Arya) is decent. On the whole, JAZBAA is a captivating thriller with good performances that make it a decent one-time watch.

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Mid Day
Sanjay manages to keep the proceedings on a tight leash, not allowing our attention waver for too long. Even as you anxiously follow Aishwarya’s tense four days in which she has to get the rapist, Miyaaz Shaikh (Chandan Roy Sanyal) out of prison that he’s ensconced in, it is Irrfan who captures your heart and imagination. If only Gupta had gone a little easy on the unnecessary and intrusive melodrama. Even then, it’s a good one time watch for sure.

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