Sholay 40 Years Complete – Famous Dialogues, Star Cast & Other Details



Sholay is a Legendary movie by Ramesh Sippy and the Star cast of the movie is amazingly done their role in the movie. As we all the the famous dialogue of the movie “Kitne Admi The” becomes the daily use of our life. The movie is the one and only movie in Bollywood that deserve to be on the theaters forever and we are gonna watch this movie for sure.

Sholay 40 Years Complete – on 15th August, 2015

Start Cast of Sholay – The Legends of The Bollywood

Famous Dialogues of Sholay

Sholay famous dialouges

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Other Details of Sholay – The Legendary Movie

DirectorProducerScreen PlayMusic
Ramesh-Sippy-sholay-directorRamesh Sippy –

Ramesh Sippy (Sindhi: رمیش سپی ) (born 23 January 1947) is an Indian film director, best known for directing the popular and critically acclaimed film Sholay. Wiki

G-P-Sippy-producer-of-sholay G.P.Sippy

Gopaldas Parmanand Sippy was a Bollywood movie producer and director. He was of Sindhi Hindu descent, with an original last name of Sipahimalani.Wikipedia

Salim-Javed-Screenplay-sholay Salim-Javed

Salim-Javed were duo in the Indian film industry who worked for 25 films from 1971–1987 of which 21 were commercially and critically successful films. Wikipedia


Rahul Dev Burman was an Indian film score composer, who is considered one of the seminal music directors of the Indian film industry. Nicknamed Pancham da, he was the only son of the composer Sachin Dev Burman. Wikipedia

Sholay 40 Years Complete! – Emotions

All I can say that this movie is the only movie that have watched by every generation. When I watched the movie, I was like “Kitne Admi The” 😀

What about you? How many stars you give this legendary movie? Comment below your reviews and favourite scenes or dialogues? 

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