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Singh is Bling Movie Review | Top Web | Akshay Kumar

Singh is Bling about Sara Rana (Amy Jackson) who is caught between persons Mark (Kay Kay Menon) in Romania and Raftaar Singh (Akshay Kumar) in India. The lady heads to Goa to look for her long-lost mother. She is put under Raftaar’s watch by the casino owner.
But there is a problem: Sara speaks only English and our Punjab lad does not.

An interpreter (Lara Dutta) is hired to help them communicate and she adds to the confusion by taking liberties with what is said and what is conveyed.

Have You Listen The Song Yet? Mahi Aaja from Singh is Bling 

There is one progressive scene in the movie. Raftaar Singh lectures two women being eve teased. He tells them to use their anger against those roadside Romeos and beat them to pulp. Wow. This makes so much sense especially when we have seenhe leching at Sara Rana, touching her inappropriately and taking sneaky pictures of her ALL THROUGH THE MOVIE.He doesn’t know that heroine is an action queen, a martial art expert.

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Moreover one day  it is Sara who rescues Raftaar Singh when a drug dealer and his men are about to reduce him to pulp.

Singh is Bling Reviews from The Top Webs

Indian Express
“Singh Is Bliing’ is a low rent comedy and doesn’t care who knows it. Everything about it stoops low: IQ, jokes, scenes. Of course, there is no story, only unconnected, jerky set-pieces. The only thing which saves it—a little — is that it wears its silliness proudly on its hero’s `pug’ ( turban), said hero smartly reworking his good-hearted simpleton who loves his mother and respects his father, and rescues his girl.”

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India Today
” In all, Singh Is Bliing is a fun-filled affair, only if you choose to abandon your brain a light year away from the ticket windows and then enter the theatre. For Akshay Kumar fans, if you’ve loved Rowdy Rathore and other similar films of the actor, this will come across as a decent enough watch. For the rest, skipping this won’t be a life-changing decision.”

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“Singh is Bliing goes all out to redefine cinematic trash. The title itself is a dead giveaway. Do not expect any sense, logic or finesse from anything that Singh is Bliing has on offer. The onus is entirely on the audience to figure out what is going on the screen. But that isn’t the problem with Singh is Bliing. What is irretrievably amiss with the film is that nothing it says manages to drift anywhere near some degree of coherence.”

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” There isn’t much by way of a plot or storytelling in this film. It’s essentially a set of well-written comic sketches, featuring recurring characters. There’s nothing evolved or sophisticated about this film, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a watch. Singh is Bliing is — and it might be just what the doctor ordered to lift your spirits after watching Talvar.”

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Hindustan Times
“Singh Is Bliing could well be the last word on puerile humour Bollywood tries so hard to excel in often. Because it’s a film where it’s director, Prabhudheva, appears on screen only to pee on other characters. You get the drift? There is nothing shining in Singh Is Bling.Anything happens at any time in Singh Is Bliing”

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