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Welcome Back Movie is the Indian action comedy movie which is a sequel of Welcome movie released in 2007. This movie is directed by Anees Bazmee who is best known for comedy movies like No Entry, Welcome and Singh Is Kinng. .Again it is a over-the-top, nonsensical and often funny in the most ludicrous manner like previous part(Welcome).Uday Shetty (Nana) and Majnu Bhai (Anil) make a comeback – this time as reformed citizens in Dubai.After a long the they came to know that they have another sister Ranjana (Shruti Hassan).At the same time Ghungroo (Paresh) discovers he has a son Ajju (John Abraham).They have to find to find a suitable husband from a good family for Ranjana .Later on they fix marriage with Ghungroo’s stepson Ghungroo.after that they came to know that Ajju is one of the biggest gangsters in Mumbai.Uday and Majnu try their best to break the alliance but by then, Ranjana and Ajju are already in love. Moreover Uday Shetty and Majnu Bhai were manipulated by gold-digger (Dimple) and her daughter (Ankita Shrivastava), which is further escalated when Wanted Bhai (Naseer) lands on the scene with his son Honey (Shiney Ahuja).Box office collection of welcome back is 44.35 crore.

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Indian Express
“There really is no reason why the sequel, despite the collective clunkiness of John and Shruti, shouldn’t have worked in exactly the same way. But the jagged narrative and heavy-handed manner of delivering dialogue, much more risible and tasteless than the original, ruins it. We’ve moved on ; the film, and its treatment, hasn’t. A characters keeps saying: ‘mazaak tha bhai, mazaak’. A comedy which uses this line so many times is telling you to laugh. Where’s the show?”
Hindustan Times
“Dear fans of Welcome, before you start missing Akshay Kumar’s innocent act, we tell you that it’s sequel, Welcome Back, is much more ambitious and the director has concentrated more on the grandeur of the sets than the chemistry between the actors. The trailers promised a larger canvas, but Bazmee hasn’t been successful in getting it just there. Really bad CGI and meaningless wide-angle shots have harmed his cause even more.”
“With Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar plunging headlong into their goofy characters, Uday and Majnu are the only bright spots in this overcrowded and overstretched comedy. Paresh Rawal, reprising his Welcome role, is trapped in a web of mannerisms that only serve to enhance the film’s staleness quotient. John Abraham, of course, gets his share of attention in song situations and fight sequences, but the figure of Ajju Bhai never quite evolves beyond being a mere add-on. Naseeruddin Shah gives Wanted Bhai his best shot, but this baddie isn’t half as flashy or colourful as Feroz Khan’s RDX.”
“Most of the film is so predictable — particularly if you’ve seen Welcome — that there’s no point recounting the plot of Welcome Back. In a nutshell: dons face dons, lovers are kept apart, cons are hatched, and hilarity ensues. At 153 minutes, Welcome Back is just a shade too long and the ending is a sandstorm of stupidity. But you’ll forgive Bazmee and gang because for at least 120 minutes, this comedy keeps you in splits. Welcome Back might be 2015’s silliest film and this is the best reason to watch it. After all, when was the last time you came out of the cinema giggling?
Catch News
“I don’t get it though. It’s not funny that able-minded humans spend 150 minutes demonstrating to us what a LSD-fueled midlife crisis would look like. Is Bazmee trying to tap the reality-show voyeur in us – in the perverse hope that we’d enjoy watching revered actors of different generations destroy their own legacies to earn a quick buck? To be fair, they land exactly two chuckle-worthy gags – Neeraj Vora is called a ‘mooch wala beanbag’, and a juvenile graveyard sequence boasts of diggers playing antakshari with imaginary ghosts.In the meantime, Anees Bazmee’s recent filmography reads suspiciously like the vocabulary of a hotel guard: No Entry. Welcome. No Problem. Thank You. Ready. Welcome Back.”

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Naseeruddin Shah


Other Details of The Movie

DirectorAnees Bazmee
WriterRaj Shandaliya (dialogue)
ProducerFiroz Nadiadwala
Story byAnees Bazmee
Rajiv Kaul
Production companyBase Industries Group











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