WOW! Ram Charan Teja & Salman Khan will work together in Bollywood Film

Salman Khan and Ram Charan
Salman Khan and Ram Charan
Salman Khan and Ram Charan


        Telugu Superstar Ram Charan Teja’s disastrous Bollywood debut in “Zanzeer” with Priyanka Chopra there are rumours that Ram charan would this time do an action movie co-starring his Bollywood metor Salman. Salman Khan is an mentor of Ram Charan Reja. Ram charan Teja will be seen in  his second movie in Bollywood that would be ‘2-hero’. Salman Khan may step in to play one of the leads.The Project will happen next year. At the moment Ram charan has said yes to two Tamil movies. Ram Charan Teja’s movie Bruce Lee –The Fighter (RC9) recently released.

          Ram Charan says he feels no trepidation about getting into Khaki even after the fiasco that was his hindi debut in Zanjeer.

“”I am certainly not put off by the failure of Zanjeer. In fact I’ll be doing another Hindi film very soon. One experience can’t put me off Bollywood for a lifetime.” 

Ram charan Teja announces, ”Yes, there were talks for that project. But that didn’t work out. Very soon, I’ll be doing another Hindi film”

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